KANSW introduces more-durable Option Tyres for Club and Zonal Competition

Following a lengthy process led by Karting Australia, the Executive Committee of the newly formed Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. (KANSW) has confirmed its intention to introduce two more-durable, harder compound option tyres for Club and Zonal competitions.

Bridgestone’s well-known YDS tyre will become the option tyre for Cadet 9, 12 and K4, while the trusted MG AZ (Red) has been selected as the option for X30 and TaG125 classes.

Both tyres have been selected based on their durability, with testing proving them to be longer-lasting tyres with acceptable performance characteristics.

Also of note with this announcement is that the Yamaha engines have been removed from the KA4 and KA3 classes, while the TAG100 has been removed as a standalone class, with all Yamaha engines now included in their own class.

The selection of the new optional tyres now provides a logical point of separation between Club and Zonal events and competitions from major State Series and Nationally Permitted events where the prime tyres are to remain in use.

“Further to the recent announcement regarding the significantly lower State administration fees, the introduction of more durable Option Tyres for a substantial portion of our events is yet another important step towards lessening the cost for Karters in New South Wales,” said KANSW President Dave Laughton.

“Karting Australia has been considering the implementation of an Option tyre program for considerable time, and the KANSW Executive Committee is pleased to have been able to move fast with the national body to announce the introduction of these new tyres.”


KANSW Competition Tyres – 2019
Class Tyre Brand Club Zonal Comp State Series State Cup & State Trophy
Cadet 9 Bridgestone YDS YDS YJL Supp Regs
Cadet 12 Bridgestone YDS YDS YJL Supp Regs
KA4 Bridgestone YDS YDS YLR Supp Regs
KA3 Dunlop DFM DFM DFM Supp Regs
KA2 Dunlop DFM DFM DFM Supp Regs
Junior Performance Dunlop DFM DFM DFM Supp Regs
TaG Restricted Dunlop DFM DFM DFM Supp Regs
Yamaha Bridgestone YDS YDS N/A N/A
X30 MG Red Red Yellow Supp Regs
TaG125 MG Red Red Yellow Supp Regs
KZ2 MG Yellow Yellow Yellow Supp Regs
Open Performance MG Yellow Yellow Yellow Supp Regs


The option tyres provide flexibility for Clubs and organizers of major Zonal and State Series, and State Trophy event organizers when consideration is given to what is best for each, whether more durability or greater performance is deemed to be more important.

The Option tyres for each Class will be specified in KANSW’s State Regulations for Club and Zonal level competitions.

Organisers of the State Cup and State Trophy (stand alone events of significance in NSW such as the Brian Farley Memorial event) will be able to nominate the selected tyre – either the option tyres or the prime tyres in the event Supplementary Regulations.

For National level events – State Championship, National Cup and the Australian Kart Championship, where outright performance is sought, the selected Prime tyres will continue to be used.

The Bridgestone YDS option tyres are not currently held in stock in Australia and will be manufactured to order, so there will be a delay of some months before the introduction dates.