03 Sep 2020




25th – 27th SEPTEMBER, 2020







Pre-Entry and payment is Compulsory.
Early Bird Entry Fee
for the meeting is $175.00 Closed.
Entry Fee from 1/9/2020 is $195.00
Entries Close Midnight Monday 21st September.
Login to your licence here to Enter

Format for the Meeting is:
Direction – Anti-Clockwise with Chicane. Track Capacity 28 karts.

Thursday 24th September:
Gates Open 7.00am. Canteen from 10.00am
Pit Allocation and setup from 8.00am to 5.00pm.
Friday 25th September:
Gates Open 6.30am. Canteen from 7.00am
Official Practice from 9.00am in Race Order.
Last two timed Practice Sessions determine grid for Qualifying.
Saturday 26th September:
Gates Open 6.30am. Canteen from 7.00am
Qualifying Starts at 8.00am
One Qualifying Session of 8 minutes.
Heats 1 & 2 – 18 Laps – Grid from Qualifying – Fastest to the front.
Heat 3 – 20 Laps – Grid from Heat 1 & 2 points – Lowest to the front.
Sunday 27th September:
Gates Open 6.30am. Canteen from 7.00am
Racing resumes at 8.00am
Heat 4 – 20 Laps – Grid from Heat 1,2 & 3 points – Lowest to the front.
Final – 25 Laps – Grid from Heat 1, 2 & 3 points – Lowest to the front.

Finishing Order in the Final determines the Winning Positions in each Championship Class. (Final Only Counts)
Trophies will be awarded to the first three place getters in the Final Race for each Class.
A Blue Plate will be awarded to the winner of the Final Race for each Class.
A Framed Photo will be awarded to the Fastest Qualifier in each Class supplied by Pam Mathews Photography.

Classes/Licence Grade to be competed:
Cadet 9 & Cadet 12 – “C” & “B” Grade eligible
KA4 Junior Light & Heavy – “C”, “B” & “A” Grade eligible
KA3 Junior – “B” & “A” Grade eligible
KA2 – Only “A” Grade eligible
KA3 Senior Light &  Medium – “C”, “B” & “A” Grade eligible
TaG 125 Restricted Light & Medium – Only “C” Grade eligible or  (“B” & “A” if 40 years old or over)
TaG 125 Light & Heavy, X30 Light – “B” & “A” Grade eligible

Special Notes:
All Attendees must complete the Sapphire COVID-19 Declaration
Declarations will now be automatically forwarded to the club. Non Compliance may result in non entry.
A reminder that Drivers are now required to complete their Scrutineering Forms Electronically and can be completed and submitted at any time prior to the Event.
Click here to lodge your form: Sapphire – Online Scrutineering Form Lodgement

Supplementary Regulations are available here: 2020 NSW Kart Championship Supplementary Regulations
Addendum 1 – Use of 8-Day Licence Click here
Addendum 2 – Change “Tyres for KA4 Junior Light & Heavy” to Bridgestone DR10 YLR ROK – Click Here
Addendum 3 – Change “Close of Entries” to Midnight Monday 21st September –Click Here

Special Accommodation Offer from: Bega Downs Motor Inn – Special Accommodation Offer

Enquiries can be made to:
Race Secretary – Janifer Hutchinson – 0409 384 845
Club President – Robert Motbey – 0417 816 821
Email the club at [email protected]
Website – www.sckc.com.au
Facebook @SapphireCoastKartClub