Terms and Conditions

Online Payments is a web facility operated by Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. (the Company) through its web site for the payment of fees for products offered by the Company, including licences and race entries.

These Terms and Conditions of Use constitute an agreement between you (the user) and the Company.

General principles and responsibilities
Online Payments can only be paid using a current and valid Credit Card.
The Company allows for the following credit card types:

  • Mastercard; and
  • Visa Card (Visa).

Users accessing the Company’s web site and Online Payments facility acknowledges and accepts responsibility for:

  • all monetary amounts are in Australian currency (AUD);
  • the minimum credit card transaction amount is $1 and the maximum transaction amount is $1,000;
  • users must provide relevant current and valid credit card details;
  • users accept that providing credit card details to the Company is an authorisation to charge the users nominated invoice amount to the user’s nominated credit card account;
  • users are responsible for the accuracy of entered information and, that if incorrect, information may result in non-processing and non-payment of invoices;
  • users acknowledge and accept that the Company applies a surcharge fee, as advised at the time of purchase, to the nominated bill payment amount which will be charged to the users credit card for a successful transaction;
  • users accept that where a declined payment occurs that any fees and charges imposed by the users credit card provider are the sole responsibility of the user;
  • users accept that the user’s credit card provider may charge a transaction processing or usage fee for the payment of the user’s bills;
  • users acknowledge that declined payment transactions means that a nominated payment will not have been paid;
  • users accept that the Company may charge a declined payment fee where a payment is declined due to insufficient credit card funds or incorrect user supplied information;
  • users accept that the Company has no authority and will not intervene or represent the user in discussions on a payment transaction whether the transaction was successful or declined for any reason;
  • user is responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are available for a successful payment transaction;
  • users acknowledge that payment transaction history is the property of the Company;
  • users acknowledge and are responsible to validate payment transactions and where a user believes a payment transaction is incorrect or was not processed as entered or is unauthorised, must commence investigations by advising the Company in writing in the first instance;
  • users accept that where a dispute exists between the user and user’s credit card provider for resolution purposes or for verification/balancing purposes that the Company may provide relevant payment transaction information to the credit card provider or the Company banking institution, without user notification; and
  • users accept that the Company has sole discretion in determining if a transaction is valid or invalid without reservation and further accepts that the Company is not responsible for its third party credit card processors, its online payment system and interfaces with associated processors, and bank processing arrangements.

A user of the nominated credit card may be charged a fee for using the credit card by the credit card issuer/financial institution.
Fees or charges applied by a credit card provider are the responsibility of the user or owner of the nominated credit card used to pay Online Payments. This includes fees or charges for successful and declined transactions.

Security & Privacy
Online Payments uses high security levels, which are standard for internet banking and large scale e-commerce sites and involves standard SSL encryption.
Users may confirm the security level of a web page by clicking onto the user’s Internet browser’s padlock or key icon.
The Company does not collect or store any card details. The payment process is completed on the Company’s third-party supplier’s secure site.
The Company shall not be liable for any failure by the person making payment to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such persons, during the online payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the online payment process.

While every effort has been made to ensure that information is free from error, the Company does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the Online Payments material. All information is subject to change without notice.
The Company does not warrant that Online Payments will be free from viruses, or that access to Online Payments will be uninterrupted, or that the data transferred through Online Payments is secure and will not be read or monitored by others.

If you have any queries in relation to Online Payments you may contact the Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. office on 0401 346 152.