16 Sep 2019

TWIN TRACK CHALLENGE – Club Championship Round 5

For full Results click on the links below:
Saturday – Anti-Clockwise Results
Sunday – Clockwise Results and Final Meeting Points

The bushfire’s have gone and the club did not suffer any damage
although they did get very close.

14th & 15th September
This is a Club Driver Rankings Meeting.


Two days of Action – Two different Directions
Saturday – Anti-Clockwise,  Sunday – Clockwise
Great Value – 2 Practice Sessions, 2 Qualifying Sessions and 94 laps of Racing.

Format: Permitted System of Gridding – Format 2 for both Days
Each Day will have:
One Practice Session of 5 minutes.
One Qualifying session of 6 minutes.
Grids for Heats 1 & 2 are from results of Qualifying.
Grid for Heat 3 is from points accumulated from  Heats 1 & 2 – lowest to the front.
Final grid is from points accumulated from  Heats 1, 2 & 3 – lowest to the front.

Heats 1 & 2 – 10 Laps. Heat 3 – 12 Laps & the Final – 15 Laps each day.

Trophies to third place for all Classes.
The winner of the event will be the driver with the lowest accumulated points from
Heats 1, 2, 3 and the Final from both days. (All Points Count).

Classes on Offer are :
Cadet 9, Cadet 12, Cadet 4SS
KA4 Jun Light & Heavy, Junior Yamaha, 4SS Junior, KA3 Junior, Junior Performance, KA2
KA4 Sen Light & Heavy, 4SS Sen Light, Med & Heavy, Senior Yamaha,  KA3 Sen Light &  Med
TaG 125 Rest Light, Med, TaG 125 Light & Heavy, Open Performance

Dry Tyre Requirements:
Refer to the Supplementary Regulation on the website for the Dry Tyre requirements.

Discounted Pre-Entry Fee for the meeting is $95.00. Same driver – two classes $175.00.
Entries on the Saturday are $120.00 and close at 8.30am.

Free Camping & Showers are Available.

Enquiries can be made to Michael Thompson on 0421 733 380