05 Dec 2018

  • Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. cuts expensive state administration costs and significantly lowers club fees while retaining national affiliation benefits
  • KANSW offers stability and financial responsibility for clubs and racers

A new and fresh association designed to cut administration costs and deliver significant savings to members, while being operated by Karters in the best interests of all Karters, has been launched for Karting in New South Wales.

The new organisation has been modelled to operate as a low-cost, low-overhead association similar to all other state karting associations.

Registered in New South Wales as Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. (KANSW), the new association will be affiliated with Karting Australia, use the familiar brand logo with slight variation to reflect the name difference, and NSW Kart Championship design, both trademarked brandings issued under licence from KA.

KANSW will communicate via a new website at which will be online soon, and three all-new social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The new entity has emerged after the former state group, which set its own fees and costs, chose to depart from the national structure – the decision to disaffiliate not unanimous.

A meeting of Clubs wishing to carry on their long-standing relationship with KA and continue to enjoy the benefits and stability of the national structure was held in Newcastle earlier this month.

As a result, KANSW has been established in accordance with association law, while a constitution based on the NSW Fair Trading ‘Model Rules’ was adopted and will be used as the basis for its operation.

Respected Karting administrator John Martin, who has held positions at Club, State, and National levels, has been appointed Administration Manager for KANSW, while the Committee and office-bearers comprised of representatives of the foundation Clubs will be announced soon.

KANSW will continue to be covered under the national body’s insurance program. Member Clubs will take advantage of its low-cost structures for permits, Club membership, and circuit licenses.

“Karting Australia New South Wales offers a new, financially responsible state body with accountable management and significantly lower administration costs, which will benefit all member Clubs and Karters,” Martin said.

“Fees and charges for clubs and individual members have been based on the best concepts from other states and, as a result, considerable savings will be delivered when compared to the previous high-cost administration model.”

Driver licences have been able to be reduced by 12.5% for renewals and 14% for new licences, while a flat annual affiliation fee ($100) and significantly lower cost permit fees are possible, courtesy of lower state administration expenses.

“Permit fees offer the perfect example of cost savings, with a KA NSW Club only having to have 11 entries for a race meeting to be better off than previously.”

Importantly, all officials at KANSW events will continue to be accredited by Karting Australia and benefit from the national officiating structure and training, and member Clubs will continue to be able to take advantage of the Track Development Fund to improve facilities and maintain the highest safety standards.

Grassroots competition and encouraging increased participation will be KANSW’s focus, with a number of important areas already under consideration, including option tyres, with an announcement concerning 2019 Club and State Association tyre selections being imminent.

“KANSW is a grassroots organisation from which affiliated Clubs will continue to be able to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Karting Australia, including its insurance, officials’ accreditation, circuit licences, grants, risk management and Safety 1st programs,” Martin said.

“KANSW Clubs and Karters will also be able to continue taking part in State and National Championship events, be included in the SP Tools Club Driver Rankings, enjoy the free use of the MYLAPS X2 timing systems, and draw from the national Track Development Fund.”

Importantly, KANSW will be run by Karters and is intended to be devoid of the incessant political infighting that has plagued Karting in the state for too many years.

Clubs wanting a fresh, new approach to local administration with lower costs are welcome to apply for membership by contacting John Martin at [email protected].


  KANSW Previous Fees Club Savings
100 Members $100 $650 $550 Annually
300 Members $100 $1150 $1,000 Annually
500 Members $100 $1650 $1,550 Annually
Track Licence $200 $375 $175 Annually
Club Day Organising Permit $250 $2,400* $2,150 Per Event
State Level Organising Permit $750 $2,400* $1,650 Per Event

* Former State Group Permit Fees based on $24 per entry and 100 entries per event