13 Oct 2023

Newcastle Kart Racing Club will be conducting the “Kurrie Hot Bread” Newcastle City Cup
on SAT/SUN 21st & 22nd October.

Pre-Enties are OPEN in the new KOMP System.
Entry Fee for the meeting is $195.00.
Entries Close Midday Friday 20th October. No Entries on the day.
Login to your licence here to Enter

Friday 20th October.
Gates Open at 6.30am.
Unofficial Practice 9.00am – 4.00pm
Login through KOMP to register.

Saturday 21st October.
Gates Open at 6.30am.
Official Practice – 8.00am – 10.30am
Drivers Briefing – 11.00am
Qualifying – After Drivers Briefing.
Racing – After Qualifying.

Sunday 22nd October.
Gates Open at 6.30am.
Canteen Opens at 7.00am
Racing Resumes – 8.00am.

Format for the Meeting is: Permitted Systems of Gridding – Format 9
Direction – Anti-Clockwise ON THE LONG TRACK
Practice Sessions – starting at 8.30am10.45am
Drivers Briefing at 11.00am
Qualifying – 6 Minutes Starting after Drivers Briefing
Heats 1 & 2 – 10 Laps – Grid from Qualifying – Fastest to the Front.
Heat 3 – 12 Laps. Grid from Heat 1 & 2 points – Lowest to the front.
Heat 4 – 12 Laps. Grid from Heat 1, 2 & 3 points – Lowest to the front.
Final – 12 Laps – Grid from Heat 1, 2, 3 & 4 points – Lowest to the front.

Winner will be the driver who finishes first in the Final. (Final Only Counts)
1st to 3rd – All Classes.
Medallions will be awarded to 4th & 5th in Cadet 9 & Cadet 12.

Classes on Offer are:
Cadet 9, Cadet 12, Cadet 4SS
KA3 Junior Light & Heavy, 4SS Junior, KA2
KA3 Senior (Championship Weight)
4SS Sen Light, Medium & Heavy, 4SS Supermaxx Medium & Heavy
TaG 125 Rest Light, Medium, Heavy, Masters Light & Masters Medium.
TaG 125 Light & Heavy, X30 (Championship Weight), DD2

Special Notes:
A reminder that Drivers will now submit their Scrutineering Form during Entry
in the new KOMP System and do not need a separate lodgement.

Supplementary Regulations are available: 2023 Newcastle City Cup Approved Supp Regs

Enquiries can be made to:
Meagan Latham – 0425 268 445
Cheryl Harradine – 0417 460 864
Email – [email protected]
Website –