24 Apr 2020

The Sapphire Coast Kart Club has come up with an innovative way to run a raffle to raise funds for the club.

They have launched an online raffle.

The prizes are listed and they have several raffle ticket combinations
ie 1 ticket for $2, 3 for $5 up to 60 tickets for $80

They are using an online platform so that people can buy tickets online.

To buy tickets just click on the link
You need to specify NSW as your state regardless of where you live.

The link shows all the sponsors and the prizes on offer.
When the raffle closes they just press a button and the winners are displayed – all done online with no human intervention.
The huge advantage is you do not have to distribute tickets to members to sell and then account for them and the money.

If your club wishes to try this innovative idea contact our new KANSW Secretary
Janifer Hutchinson on 0409 384 845 for assistance.

What a Great Way to run your next Sponsorship Drive and promote your Sponsors.