30 Sep 2019

“The Sapphire Cup – 2019”

Click below for link to Full Meeting Results

Sapphire Coast Kart Club will be conducting “The Sapphire Cup – 2019” on the
16th and 17th November, 2019.

Pre-Entry Discount Race Fee for the meeting is $120.00 for one class or $190.00 for two classes entered by the same driver.
On the day entries are $140.00. On the Day Entries Close at 9.00am.
Non current Karting Australia licence holders can apply for an 8 Day licence for $75.00
by nominating Sapphire Coast Kart Club as the nominated club.
You can do so by clicking on the link below:

Please refer to the Sapphire Coast Kart Club Secretary (Details Below)  for further information.

Format for the Meeting is:
Direction – Anti-Clockwise
One Practice Session of 6 minutes.
One Qualifying Session of 8 minutes.
Heats 1 & 2 – 12 Laps – Grids from Qualifying (Fastest to the Front).
Heat 3 – 12 Laps – Grid from Heat 1 & 2 points – Lowest to the front.
Heat 4 – 14 Laps – Grid from Heat 1, 2 & 3 points – Lowest to the front.
Final – 16 Laps – Grid from Results of Heat 4.

The winner of the event we be the Competitor that finishes first in the Final.
(Final Only Counts)

1st to 5th – Cadet 9 & Cadet 12
1st to 3rd – All Junior and Senior Classes.
Special Draw for all Pre-Entries:
Random draw for all Cadets/Junior for a chance to receive their entry fee back.
Random draw for all Seniors to receive their entry fee back.

Classes on Offer are:
Cadet 9, Cadet 12, Cadet 4SS
KA4 Jun Light & Heavy, Junior Yamaha, 4SS Junior, KA3 Junior, Junior Max, KA2
KA4 Sen Light & Heavy, 4SS Sen Light, Medium & Heavy, Senior Yamaha,
KA3 Sen Light &  Medium, TaG 125 Rest Light, Medium & Heavy,
TaG 125 Light & Heavy, Open Performance

Dry Tyre Requirements:
Refer to the Supplementary Regulations on the website for the Dry Tyre requirements.

Venue Details:
Free Camping/Showers/Toilets Available
Free Practice for all entrants from 12.00pm on Friday.
Canteen Open Saturday and Sunday at 8.00am

Enquiries can be made to Ben Campbell 0417 791 323
Email the club at [email protected]
Website –
Facebook @SapphireCoastKartClub